Astoria Storm - Espresso Doctor
Astoria Storm - Espresso Doctor
Astoria Storm - Espresso Doctor
Astoria Storm - Espresso Doctor

Astoria Storm

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  • Unrivalled extraction precision – The Storm features the ability to programme the brewing curve to your exact specifications for coffee as unique as your business.
  • Touchscreen or push button operation – Touchscreen and push button operation make for quick and easy speciality coffee.
  • Anti-scalding Cantilever steam wands - Unique in both looks and with the anti-scalding safety features, the Super Dry feature prevents the steam wands for producing excess condensation for less pressure loss and even better foaming potential.
  • Touchscreen displays – Each brewing group includes a 5" capacitive touchscreen display allowing you to tweak and refine a wide range of settings.
  • Dimmable LED lighting – Use the Storm in any lighting conditions with the perfectly placed LED lighting that allows for optimal viewing of the coffee extraction process.
  • Sturdy and durable – Constructed out of high-quality stainless steel, aluminium and with a sub-frame constructed from oak, the Storm is a robust machine built for your intense workloads whilst also being an eye-catching machine.
  • Oak finished group handles – The Storm's filter holders are made of treated oak wood for a comfortable, attractive, ergonomic finish that truly sets this machine apart from the crowd.
  • Energy saver: Automatic On/Off and Standby
  • Digital boiler pressure display and control
  • Steam boost functionality for better, smoother foamed milk
  • USB port
  • Editable user interfaces for touchscreens
  • Dosage programming
  • Coffee recipe programme storage
  • Pre-infusion system for a smoother extraction
  • Water and power cable cover for tidy and effective cable management
  • Ergonomic filter holder
  • Electronic Cup warmer
  • Hot water tap
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Auto steamer
  • WiFi connectivity bridge for telemetry adjustments
  • ESB (Extreme Steam Boost)


A true fusion of the exacting barista, modern technology and espresso expertise, the Astoria Storm coffee machine is truly one of the finest options available on the market.

Proving to be the pinnacle of precision, the Storm allows you, the barista, to have control over every aspect of your brewing and espresso extraction process for coffee that is truly bespoke to your business.

Precise control: Proven prowess

Astoria's rich history of providing the high-end market with the ultimate in coffee machines continues with this latest flagship model.

The Storm has been crafted to work as an extension of the barista, with features that have never been seen before within the industry.

Unique technology has been introduced specifically for this machine, making it a true fusion of Astoria's hallmark excellence and the 21st Century tech.

Barista design and finish

Yet again turning to the very people who will use this artisan machine on a daily basis, Astoria sought out three of the world's finest coffee aficionados to help craft one of the most complete coffee machine experiences available in the history of the brand.

With the input of some of the world's very best, Astoria ambassadors Caleb Cha, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos and Arnon Thitiprasert have placed their trust in the Italian masters latest creation. 

Such illustrious names from the world of coffee help to ensure that the Storm includes features that truly allow the barista to express themselves whilst using this exquisite piece of Italian machinery.

Environmentally aware

The intersection of technology, power and efficiency is evident from the get-go with the Storm.

Green Line technology is present within every model, helping to reduce power consumption whilst in operation by up to 47.6% compared to similarly powered machines.

Whilst the software management system manages standby times automatically during downtimes and quiet periods, with intelligent temperature regulation ensuring that power usage is drastically reduced.

The power management profile is even able to automatically put one or more groups into a power-saving standby mode if your workload decreases.