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BRITA Aqua Gusto 100CU individual pack with button

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A practical filter solution for coffee and espresso machines with water tank

Whether in HoReCa or in the office, the BRITA AquaGusto water tank filter will enhance the flavor, aroma and appearance of all coffees including espresso and cappuccino. The
filter can be used in almost any coffee machine and reduces limescale deposits. It is impressively simple and quick to operate and users also benefit from the added filter exchange

Forgetting to change the filter is now a thing of the past

The filter change signal means you always know the right time to change the filter. Simply place the filter change signal in a visible location and press the button firmly.

Filtrationsstufen PURITY Quell ST

AquaGusto filters are suitable for use in all coffee machines with a water tank.

The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.

Using the filter exchange Display
1. KlickStick the filter exchange display to the water tank and press the start button firmly.
2. okWhen a red line is visible, the filter exchange display is activated.
3. okThe red zone extends over time until the maximum period of use has been reached.
4. After approx. six months, the maximum period of use has been reached and the filter must be exchanged.